China, Indonesia sold three weapons technology including remote weapon

According to the Canadian and Chinese Defense Review 3 monthly reports, Norinco company was transferred to Indonesia IndoMesin three weapons production technology, these weapons will be produced in Indonesia, Indonesia equip the Army, Navy. 

They are 90B-type 40-mounted 122 mm multiple rocket launchers, UW1 remote weapon systems, 30 mm naval cannon. Infancy, Indonesia is only responsible for assembling all the parts supplied by Norinco, then gradually in the local production of parts on their own, these weapons are for the use of the Indonesian armed forces, can not be exported. 
90B-type 40-mounted 122 mm multiple rocket launchers 
90B-type 40-mounted 122 mm multiple rocket launchers [armyrecognition] ○
The article said, 90B rocket has been equipped with the Royal Guard of Oman. 50 km range. North Benz truck is combat weight of 23 tons, maximum road speed of 85 km / h, 800 km driving distance. Will also be assembled in Indonesia. Entire operations software, there will be Indonesia’s own reprogrammed using Indonesian. 90B will be equipped with the Marine Corps, the rate will be after assembly is completed, issuance of the certificate. 
UW1 remote weapon systems 
UW1 remote weapon systems [armyguide] ○
Remote radius UW1 remote weapon system is 1000 m, 14.5 mm caliber machine gun remote firing rate is 150 rounds, 12.7 mm machine gun rate of fire is 200 rounds. Sighting system using a color CCD camera, night sighting uses uncooled thermal imaging. Indonesia to get the remote machine gun 12.7 mm production technology for naval patrol boat, will be certified by the end of 2014 the Indonesian Navy’s license. 
30 mm naval cannon 
30 mm naval cannon [Norinco] ○
30 mm naval gun range of 4000 m, 3000 m shot high rate of fire 320 rounds / min, the initial velocity of 890m / s, it is equipped with a small patrol boats to the Indonesian Navy, weighs 1.5 tons. 
In addition, Indonesia and China also signed a technology transfer contract 20,76 mm gun, they are implementing integration. China mainly provides modular semi-finished products, and then assembled by Indonesia. 
Indonesia, China to provide more and more weapons and equipment. Field in the Navy in 2015, will provide at least 18 more than the C705 ship-to-ship missiles, each equipped with two types of missile patrol boats. Indonesia hopes the national assembly C705. 
Areas of cooperation in the Air Force, the Air Force needs Su -30MK2 Indonesian fighter simulator, China, Russia, Canada, in the tender, the Indonesian Air Force in China visited these emulators, the entire program started two years ago to prepare, relatively slow, because the president general and other reasons, the commander of the armed services will be replaced, so the new negotiations may also need a little more time. But the Indonesian Air Force pilot, said: Su -30MK2 training program very well, in Indonesia, China did not intervene. (Zhiyuan) 
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